About us

  “Udens risinajumi” Ltd. Solutions:  

cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems
cleaning and flushing of heating systems
water analysis
assembly and repair works
supply of reagents and equipment

  Our typical works:  

cleaning, disinfection and flushing of radiators, heat exchangers, heating systems, boilers, pipelines and wells

  Our solutions:  

• cleaning, disinfection and flushing by contamination and clogging, high water turbidity and smell, low heat and flow rates
• service for construction companies – disinfection of new water pipes before operation
• we also do water analysis, explain the results and suggest solutions
• we solve legionella problem (Legionella pneumophila) in apartment houses and hotels
assembly and repair works – installation of heat exchangers, radiators, hydrophores and boilers, welding works
• sale of ALBILEX® cleaning and disinfection products and Norstrom® PROFLUSH flushing machines